Network Automation Utilities Overview

The project consists of a collection of independent but related Ruby scripts. The focus is on a 'push' technology to update remote network accessible targets such as web sites with recent information derived by off site processes that collect, manipulate and disseminate the information. As an example, one of the scripts connects to a POP server to read the mails that come from a specific mailing list, sorts through the mails looking for ftp and http sites at the top domain level and publishes the collection as a web page to a specific web site.

Web Site :

I currently operate a web site at that is the target for most my scripts. You can visit there to see the ways the scripts are employed. The web site uses no CGI except for the mailing script and is intended partially as an example of how pushing data to the site can help create and manage a more secure [ cgi limited ] site without sacrificing site quality and usability.

Packaging :

For simplicity, the files are all packaged together in a zipped series of scripts in a release. The documentation is included in the package.

Documentation :

Each script source code has instructions built into the source that represents the whole of the documentation for the script aside from possible README.TXT files will any additional information. Script comments are verbose to assist in allowing others to use and modify as required without difficulty.